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EBS home remodel pricing shall depend on city approval of a project, specifications, design, setbacks, safety and building codes all are a determining factor before starting any remodel project that involves adding square footage or making changes to load bearing walls, Other cost factors are design fees, utility fees if needed, from excavation to digging footings, setting form, framing, wall materials, tile, moldings, windows installation, roofing, electrical and plumbing, wall texture and paint, floor covering, doors, possible increase of size of electrical panel, AC unit, gas line increase, any custom woodworking or stone work.

A kitchen or bath remodel may or may not require a permit, wall partitions removed or installed. Doing all the homework 1, meeting with the city, obtaining pricing.  A detailed set of plans of what the city wants will help in getting your remodel done in 1-2 months vs. 6-7 months.

Additional cost are demolition and haul away, labor and permit fees if required, All work is itemized and done to customer specifications.

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